I want to rewrite a line in a conf file. The text that should be put on line 88 is: auth - - My command is :

sed -i '88s/.*/auth - -/' /etc/opt/ss5/ss5.conf

But I'm getting an error

sed: -e expression #1, char 21: number option to `s' command may not be zero

How can I solve this issue ?


It is because the text you try to inject contains / which is used by sed as a separator.
You need either to escape this slash , or to use a different sed separator. Sed can accept any character as separator, i.e #.

sed -i '88s/.*/auth\/0 - -/' /etc/opt/ss5/ss5.conf
sed -i '88s#.*#auth - -#' /etc/opt/ss5/ss5.conf

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