I have an Eloquent model and a matching migration. I'm having issues with default values not being set. I'm using MySQL.


    Schema::create('cert_jobs', function (Blueprint $table) {
        $table->enum('task', [CertJob::TASK_CREATE, CertJob::TASK_REVOKE]);
        $table->enum('format', CertJob::CERT_FORMATS);
        // created_at && updated_at



class CertJob extends Model

    protected $fillable = [
        'task', 'input_file', 'format', 'status', 'attempts', 'key',

    protected $visible = [
        'uuid', 'task', 'owner', 'format', 'error', 'job_status',
        'created_at', 'updated_at',

    protected $appends = [
        'job_status', 'uuid', 'owner'

    public function getRouteKeyName()
        // Auto inject by key instead of ID
        return 'key';

    public function user(){}

    private function makePath(String $file){}

    public function getInputFile(){}

    public function getOutputFile(){}

    public function getJobStatusAttribute(){}

    public function getUuidAttribute(){}

    public function getOwnerAttribute(){}

    public function pushToQueue(){}

    public static function make(string $format, User $owner, UploadedFile $certFile) : CertJob
        // Validate
        $format = strtoupper($format);
        if (!in_array($format, CertJob::CERT_FORMATS)) {
            $format = CertJob::CERT_FORMATS[0];

        // Create our cert job
        $certJob = new CertJob([
            'key' => bin2hex(random_bytes(16)),
            'task' => 'CREATE',
            'format' => $format,


        Log::info($certJob->task . ' Cert Job ' . $certJob->key . ' Created for User:' . $owner->email);

        // Save input file with certJob ID in filename (easier to identify)
        $inputFile = $certFile->storeAs('create', 'job_' . str_pad($certJob->id, 4, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT) . '.' . $format, CertJob::FS_DISK);
        $certJob->input_file = $inputFile;
        // Delete tmp

        return $certJob;

When I create a CertJob with the CertJob::make function, the resulting object does not have downloaded, status, or attempts properties.

I've tried calling fresh() with zero change. Why are the defaults from the migration not propagating to the model? Am I doing this wrong?

For what it's worth, I found this issue while testing my model. The only magic I have in the test class is use DatabaseMigrations;.

Thanks for any and all help!

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Wow I figured it out. I had to return the results of fresh().

So at the end of that make function, I changed return $certJob to return $certJob->refresh() and it works now.

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