I'm using Grails 3.2.3. I've increased the session timeout as described here https://stackoverflow.com/a/30861747/2405040 i.e. adding the following in application.yml:

      timeout: 604800 #one week in seconds

This is working fine while in development i.e. session.getMaxInactiveInterval() returns 604800 but when I'm deploying the WAR on a Tomcat (using Tomcat 8.5.6), this session timeout setting is not reflected and the value is default to 1800 seconds.

"org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-tomcat" is set to provided in build.gradle.

(I was previously modifying the session timeout as I described here https://stackoverflow.com/a/40382383/2405040 but later I realized that, that is related to embedded tomcat so switched to above application.yml setting)

Am I missing anything here?


A best guess would be, that the Tomcat container you deploy to does not use the

      timeout: 604800

value you set, as this is only a directive to the embedded Tomcat container. When you deploy as war, you have to configure the Tomcat server you deploy to:


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