Anyone know how to resolve the below error for pecl_http.so?

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib64/php/modules/http.so' - /usr/lib64/php/modules/http.so: undefined symbol: uidna_IDNToASCII in Unknown on line 0

Below are the packages installed.

    Package   Version State
    apcu      5.1.7   stable
    geoip     1.1.1   beta
    pecl_http 3.1.0   stable
    propro    2.0.1   stable
    raphf     2.0.0   stable

Below are the PHP Packages:

mod_php71w.x86_64                   7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-cli.x86_64                   7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-common.x86_64                7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-devel.x86_64                 7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-gd.x86_64                    7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-intl.x86_64                  7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-mbstring.x86_64              7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-mcrypt.x86_64                7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-mysql.x86_64                 7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-opcache.x86_64               7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-pdo.x86_64                   7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-pear.noarch                  1:1.10.1-1.w7                   @webtatic
php71w-pecl-apcu.x86_64             5.1.7-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-process.x86_64               7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-soap.x86_64                  7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
php71w-xml.x86_64                   7.1.3-1.w7                      @webtatic
webtatic-release.noarch             6-9                             installed

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In case anyone faces similar situation, there seems to be a bug on pecl_http-3.1.0 for Centos 7. I end up just using the previous stable version of pecl_http-3.0.1

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