I recently installed Eclipse Helios and Hibernate Tools 3.4.0.Beta1.

I've been trying to generate "base class" from mapping files but can't find out how to do. Let us say I have a mapping file called Individual.hbm.xml. I want Hibernate Tools to generate 2 POJOs : - a BaseIndividual.java that would contain constructors and getters/setters - an Individual.java where I could add "custom" code that would not be removed whenever I re-generate POJOs

I spent a lot of time seeking information but never found a practical answer. If anyone can help... thanks in advance

I have just come across your question while trying to do the same thing myself (I think).

What I have done is set the following in my hbm.xml config file:

    <meta attribute="generated-class">ocs.authentication.UserBase</meta>
        <generator class="increment"/>
        type="string" />

Note the <meta attribute="generated-class"> section. This will cause the generated class to be called UserBase (in this case). You can then create another class (called User for example) that will extend this base class:

public class User extends UserBase {

    public User() {

    public void SomeFunction() {


This seems to be working for me. I hope this is useful for you, or for others wanting to do a similar thing.

I'm looking for a way to do it as well. What I'm doing right now, is to:

  • to save my custom class "Individual.java" to another package without updating the reference.
  • generate all my pojo (with the name of the table, ie Individual)
  • rename them tablename+"Base" (ie IndividualBase) without updating the references)
  • then moving my custom class (Individual) which extends the pojo from the other package.

Did you find out an automatic way to do it by for example:

  • Using a custom template
  • Writing you own ant task
  • Configure hibernate.reveng.xml

I agree that Hibernate Synchronizer was doing it quite well!

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