I am following a tutorial for human segmentation, in which a FCN-8s caffe model is trained for semantic segmentation problem using Pascal VOC-12 dataset in which out of 21 classes, one class is of person, and on top of it they have again trained the similar model but for 1 class, which is human in portrait mode, and images in training database is of 800 X 600 size. But when i tried it to train for landscape mode images of human of size 360 X 640, i am getting segmentation fault error while setting up fc6 convolutional layer, error log is in the below link as its too big to post it here. error log

training script:

protobuf file for FCN-8s model:

solver file for model used on top of FCN-8s:

train protobuf file for model used on top of FCN-8:

  • what is "ImageMat" input layer? you might get the segfault there. – Shai Apr 5 '17 at 12:45
  • I don,t know much about this, i am new to caffe and CNN, Actually some additional layers type has been defined by author of tutorial in caffe model, i am sharing the definition of that layer: pastebin.com/HfPzm7Ej , And for the same layer type, it is working when i use dataset of 800 by 600 size images(which is also used by author) – Gaurav Pawar Apr 5 '17 at 13:33

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