I am building a small package for OSX using CPack. In the CPack wiki it says I have to specify a Info.plist file, else the make package will fail.

CPACK_BUNDLE_PLIST - path to a file that will become the bundle plist.

However here it says there is a way to automatically generate Info.plist file. Can anyone how to use that? Right now I am using an emtpy Info.plist file and it seems to be working, but not sure what will break in future due this.

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I think you're confusing MACOSX_BUNDLE with CPACK_BUNDLE. Here is an explanation of the difference

Important Note: Do not use the MACOSX_BUNDLE property on executables that will be packaged using the bundle-generator! Specifying MACOSX_BUNDLE creates a separate bundle for each individual executable at build-time; the structure of these bundles becomes redundant when the bundle generator consolidates multiple executables into a single bundle.

So MACOSX_BUNDLE does generate an Info.plist automatically, while CPACK_BUNDLE needs one specified in CPACK_BUNDLE_PLIST.

For answering your question on what Info.plist to specify, it's probably best to use a simple basic Info.plist that is not empty, similar to the one specified here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/6323462/369009

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