How would one enter special characters into a Label in C# (Windows Forms)?

If you try to write a "&" into a label you'll get a sort of underscore instead..

So what's the C# equivalent of "&"? ("\&" obviously doesn't work).


Two ways:

  • Escape it with another ampersand (&&).

  • Set UseMnemonic for that label to false. This causes all ampersands within the text to be taken literally so you don't need to double any of them. You'll lose the underlining and access key features though.

    You can set the value either in the designer, or in code:

    myLabel.UseMnemonic = false;
    myLabel.Text = "Text&Text";

Add another ampersand in front of it, so: &&

Or have a look at the following: Label.UseMnemonic (MSDN documentation)


You can escape & by adding it two times, to try &&.


I don't know how to use '&' in the designer, but in the code you can use '&&' for showing one '&'

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    "&&" works fine in the designer. Just input it where you change the Text. – Spectraljump Dec 1 '10 at 14:10

Try this:


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