I have worksheet A:


I have another worksheet (WS) B:

enter image description here

What I want:
I wanna use a Vlookup formula at cell C3 with the formula like this:


I don't know how to make it look up multiple comma separated values (csv) in one cell (Note that there are cells that can go up to 10 csv)

Logic wise, cell C3 of WS A should :

  • Lookup value B2
  • From the table array of WS B
  • Looping through cell A2 of WS B, it should check for "1-ABC", "2-ABC", "3-ABC".
  • Since it finds a match at "3-ABC" then C3 will return the Unique Acc ID at B2 of WS B
  • Then hopefully I can drag down the formula to many many records...

Can this be done using formula or it better to do it via VBA? If VBA, how can I do this?


You can use the asterisks as wildcard like that

=VLOOKUP("*" & B2 & "*",b!A2:B3,2,FALSE)
  • Thanks. The answer is simpler than I thought. But trying to vlookup 1M records and dragging it down for ~30k rows makes it super slow. But yeah I think there isn't any other way for now. – compski Apr 7 '17 at 3:08

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