I have a controller and including two views from one function as below


The view file view_destinations.php including a php menu file as follows

<? $this->load->view('includes/top_menu'); ?>

My question is, how can I pass data that is fetched from the controller to this included top_menu.php ?

Thank you guys

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Inside your controller, have

$data['nestedView']['otherData'] = 'testing';

before your view includes.

When you call


the view_destinations file is going to have


Which you can at that point, pass into the nested view file.

<? $this->load->view('includes/top_menu', $nestedView); ?>

And inside your top_menu file you should have $otherData containing 'testing'.


castis's solution works

however if you want to do this on a more finely grained level you can use:

//in your controller
$data['whatever'] = 'someValue';


//In your view
echo $whatever //outputs 'someValue';

//pass $whatever on
$this->load->view('some/view', Array('whatever' => $whatever));
  • I like this method best. I realised this was possible when I took a step back and thought about how CI handles variables passed from the Controller. Nice and clean. Commented May 20, 2016 at 16:18
  • This is very nice especially for the cases when you have 2+ level nested views and you can pass values directly from the view file rather than controller, like me :)
    – Awais Umar
    Commented Mar 29, 2020 at 19:49

This Codeigniter forum post should help you ;)

You can either make your $data (example) global in the controller, or pass just like @castis mentioned from within your view (variables only in your view)

More details here: http://codeigniter.com/forums/viewthread/88335/


I have seen in my view files, if I'm passing data from controller to view and from that view to included nested view files. there is no need to transfer


for your nested view it is already available. you can directly access it, within your inner view.


Also try this to if you want every single CodeIgniter view data in a subview:

echo $this->view('subview', get_defined_vars()['_ci_data']['_ci_vars'])

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