I'm currently developing android application which includes text messaging. Is it possible to send and receive text messages just by using android emulator? If yes, how can I do it?

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It's quite easy:

  • open a console
  • connect via telnet to the running emulator: telnet localhost 5554 (you can find the portnumber in the title of the emulator)
  • type this: sms send senderPhoneNumber textmessage

just open two emulator simulantously. they will be named 5554 and 5556. try to send message from 5554 or app installed on 5554 to 5556 and receive in 5556



If you use Eclipse, its pretty easy. 1 1) Goto DDMS.

2) There, the left pane will consist of list of emulators active, select your emulator and then in the right pane you will get Emulator Control->Telephony action-> Incoming Number, Message. Type these and hit send.

3) In your emulator you will receive message.

Cheers :) DDMS


If you are working on windows: 1. Install the telnet client via the command prompt by typing

pkgmgr /iu:"TelnetClient"

2. Type telnet localhost 5554 . Here 5554 is the number that appears in the title of the emulator.

  1. Type sms send 1234 "message"

You are done ! Cheers ! Check your emulator for the received message


If you read the emulator documentation, you will see that you can send and receive text messages between the environment within the emulator and the emulator console.

Actually sending them out into the real world would require that you have an sms gateway service somewhere and write something to move traffic between that and the emulator.

  • Actually I've tried sending text message using the plugin in eclipse. However, when I tried to send a text message again it suddenly didn't work. I'm thinking if there are any ways in sending text messages in android emulator. – sean Dec 1 '10 at 15:09
  • Did you read the emulator documentation yet? There's an emulator console that you can connect to via a telnet application (or programmatically) and issue a variety of commands, including sending SMS – Chris Stratton Dec 1 '10 at 15:12

open another emulator and check their numbers from the window title ex 5554:emulator name

and just simply type the number(5554) in "To" and hit send thats it

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