I am working on AWS Cognito login. It works fine in all cases such as SignUp, signIn, Forgot password etc. But it edit profile case, I am facing some technical problems. I edited my mobile number successfully.

In one of the case I provide wrong number and it throws an error like this,

[AWSJSONResponseSerializer responseObjectForResponse:originalRequest:currentRequest:data:error:] | Response body: {"__type":"InvalidParameterException","message":"Invalid phone number format.”}

I am using this set of code to update my profile,

[[user updateAttributes:@[attributes]] continueWithSuccessBlock:^id _Nullable(AWSTask<AWSCognitoIdentityUserUpdateAttributesResponse *> * _Nonnull task) {
            return nil;

It provides only success responses. Failure responses are not coming inside this block. Can anyone help me how to get failure messages in this. I tried so many ways but still troubling to get proper solution. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • I have done this by just calling continueWithBlock instead of continueWithSuccessBlock. Thats it.. – Madhavan Apr 8 '17 at 6:31

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