I have develop an application with html5 for ipad, but I cannot find any good simulator to test, from where I can get simulator or download?


Yes, you can download the iOS SDK from iOS Dev Center and it will contain the iPhone Simulator BUT note that you need Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6+) to get iPad support. Leopard's iOS SDK does not have iPad Support. (If you do have Snow Leopard select "Device" from top menu and select iPad to see the iPad simulator)

There are some options out there if your on Windows or don't have Snow Leopard but these will be for testing your HTML5 in the browser rather then as a compiled app.

  1. BBDemo2 - An Adobe AIR App (so it uses Webkit, same as Safari & Thus iPhone/iPad)
  2. iPad Peek - Web based browser that will likely only simulate dimensions (for best results maybe try using Safari)
  • Note - I haven't used those 2 suggestions myself so I can't comment in much detail but it might be a good place to start :) – electblake Dec 1 '10 at 15:33

Browerstack (paid service) supports the iPad / iPad 2 (4.3.2 and 5.0). They set up a virtual machine for you in the cloud, which can be accessed through your browser. For me this is the fastest / easiest way without owning a iPad or a mac.

It also offers tunneling so you can test your local application in their virtual machine.


xcode comes with one. if you have a mac, it is called iphone simulator. It can emulate both the iphone and the ipad.

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