How to create new empty files in Google Cloud Storage using Python with client libraries available?

Or how to upload a new file to a selected bucket using blob function "upload_from_filename()" ? To initialize the blob object we should have file already in the cloud bucket, but I want to create a new file name, and copy the content from the file stored locally. I want to do this using python.

Thanks in advance


First you need to load the library

import google.cloud.storage

Assuming you have a service account created and JSON file loaded somewhere, you need to create a client object

storage_client = google.cloud.storage.Client.from_service_account_json('JSON filepath')

Then you need to provide the create a bucket object

bucket = storage_client.get_bucket('bucket_name')

Now define the path within your bucket and the file name

d = 'path/name'

The blob method create the new file, also an object.

d = bucket.blob(d)

The upload_from_string method add the contents of the file. There are other methods allowing you to perform different tasks.


The first few steps take the longest to be ready the first time.

Good luck!


If somebody is looking for the same thing, here is the solution. First you need to create/initialize bucket variable with the bucket name you want to create a new blob in. After that instead of calling blob you create blob using bucket.blob("filename"), this creates a new blob if the given filename is not there in the bucket already. Then you can use blob.create_from_filename("filename_which_you want to copy"), this will copy the contents to the blob created earlier for more detail solution you can read blob documentation here:


Hope this will help someone. Below is the sample python code:

bucket=client.get_bucket('your bucket name');  
blob=bucket.blob('newfile you want to create')

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