From keras docs: You can then use TimeDistributed to apply a Dense layer to each of the 10 timesteps, independently:

# as the first layer in a model
model = Sequential()
model.add(TimeDistributed(Dense(8), input_shape=(10, 16)))
# now model.output_shape == (None, 10, 8)

# subsequent layers: no need for input_shape
# now model.output_shape == (None, 10, 32)

I cannot find it anywhere, Are the weights of the Dense layers shared across the time axis?


Yes, they are shared - exactly the same Dense is applied to each timestep. Moreover - in Keras 2.0 the behaviour like TimeDistributed is now default for a Dense layer applied to input which has more than 2D (including batch_dimension).

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    Thank you, some reference might be better, but as I thought they were shared for like 90% and you seem you know what you're talking about, I believe you :) Nice new feature with 2D inputs, by the way. – Marek Židek Apr 6 '17 at 20:45
  • Yes - I like the way Francois is developing Keras :) – Marcin Możejko Apr 6 '17 at 20:46

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