Why am I unable to set the size of an array based on a variable? What's the best way around this?

Dim NumberOfZombies as integer
NumberOfZombies = 20000
Dim Zombies(NumberOfZombies) as New Zombie

You can use a dynamic array when you don't know the number of values it will contain until run-time:

Dim Zombies() As Integer
ReDim Zombies(NumberOfZombies)

Or you could do everything with one statement if you're creating an array that's local to a procedure:

ReDim Zombies(NumberOfZombies) As Integer

Fixed-size arrays require the number of elements contained to be known at compile-time. This is why you can't use a variable to set the size of the array—by definition, the values of a variable are variable and only known at run-time.

You could use a constant if you knew the value of the variable was not going to change:

Const NumberOfZombies = 2000

but there's no way to cast between constants and variables. They have distinctly different meanings.

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    Why but this is a wrong answer. ReDim Zombies(NumberOfZombies) would declare an arrays with NumberOfZombies + 1 elemnts, rather than just NumberOfZombies. – Ans Aug 30 '17 at 10:12

You have to use the ReDim statement to dynamically size arrays.

Public Sub Test()
    Dim NumberOfZombies As Integer
    NumberOfZombies = 20000
    Dim Zombies() As New Zombie
    ReDim Zombies(NumberOfZombies)

End Sub

This can seem strange when you already know the size of your array, but there you go!


You can also look into using the Collection Object. This usually works better than an array for custom objects, since it dynamically sizes and has methods for:

  • Add
  • Count
  • Remove
  • Item(index)

Plus its normally easier to loop through a collection too since you can use the for...each structure very easily with a collection.


You need to use a constant.

CONST NumberOfZombies = 20000
Dim Zombies(NumberOfZombies) As Zombies

or if you want to use a variable you have to do it this way:

Dim NumberOfZombies As Integer
NumberOfZombies = 20000

Dim Zombies() As Zombies

ReDim Zombies(NumberOfZombies)
  • Is there a tidier way to cast NumberOfZombies as a CONST right in the dimension definition? Dim Zombies(CONST NumberOfZombies) as new Zombie – sooprise Dec 1 '10 at 16:44
  • I submitted my answer before I was finished typing. – carny666 Dec 1 '10 at 16:46
  • Oh, I see, so a variable can be used to define a dimension if Redim is used, that is helpful to know, thanks! – sooprise Dec 1 '10 at 16:48

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