I have three projects in (VS2017 and ef core) and want to run Add-migration.

  • Web - Startup
  • Core - DomainModel - here are the entitys
  • Data - Context and migrations here. And dependes on ef core

The domainmodel have the entities and I want to have the migrationfiles/ output folder in a data project together with my context file.

I want to avoid having dependecies between domainmodel and entity framework. EntityFrameworkscore only have dependecies to Data. Any suggestions how to run add-migration with this setup to get the migrationfiles in data instead of core/domainmodel?

Add-Migration -Name InitMigration -OutputDir Migrations -Context myDBContext -Project Business\Core

  • Just run your Add-Migration command without the -Context myDBContext -Project Business\Core part from the Data project and you should be fine. – Florian Haider Apr 7 '17 at 10:14
  • Thanks it was too easy. I just remove -Project and then it worked as i wanted. – joakimja Apr 7 '17 at 11:50

According to @joakimja the solution was to run:

Add-Migration command without the -Context myDBContext -Project Business\Core arguments.

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