The default style of matplotlib 2.0 looks very different from all previous versions.

I know that I can switch to the classic style with mpl.style.use('classic'), but how do I switch back to the new v2.0 style? Is the name of new default style listed in matplotlib.style.available ?

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Per the API documentation:

The style name of default is reserved for reverting back to the default style settings.

In my distribution, 'default' is not listed in matplotlib.style.available, nor is it a key in matplotlib.style.library.

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    Thanks! The fact that the default style is not in matplotlib.style.available was a bit confusing.
    – VinceP
    Apr 7, 2017 at 13:37

After having applied a style in matplotlib, you can switch back to the defaults by


If this happens inside a jupyter notebook, you would then also need to recall the backend, e.g. %matplotlib inline.

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