I need to extract all columns header with SODA Api.

I didn't found a solution with API, so I create this code. But in some cases the title of the column is different from the column api name...

There's a better solution?

//return the Dataset Columns Header
public function getDatasetColumnsHeader($dataset) {

    $file = "https://www." . $this->root_url . "/resource/" . $dataset . ".csv";
    $f = fopen($file, 'r');
    $line = fgets($f);

    return explode(",", $line);

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Oh, I found the solution:

//return the Dataset Columns Header
public function getDatasetColumnsHeader2($dataset) {

    $url = "https://www." . $this->root_url . "/resource/" . $dataset . ".csv";
    $header = get_headers($url, 1);

    $return = array();
    eval('$return = ' . $header["X-SODA2-Fields"] . ';');

    return $return;


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