I can't understand why I can't find C++/CLI project type in to Visual Studio 2017. I just updated my Visual Studio, and now I can't create any more Windows Forms applications.

Visual Studio 2017 Project Options

Packages installed

  • This apply also to vs2022
    – gavioto
    Feb 24, 2022 at 19:49

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Valid for visual studio 2017,2019,2022

The answer is solved in this visual studio community forum.

I copied the solution here for convenience:

Please make sure you have selected the component "C++/CLI support" in your installation;

  1. Please launch the "Visual Studio Installer"
  2. Modify your installed VS;
  3. You can find the component "C++/CLI support" under thw workload "Desktop development with C++"

Package to install using Visual Studio 2017


First, Microsoft implementation of C++/CLI is called CLR so you want to look for CLR project type when creating new project.

Second, it's an optional component in Visual Studio 2017.

From the link:

In Visual Studio 2017 and later, C++/CLI support is an optional component. To install it, open the Visual Studio Installer from the Windows Start menu. Make sure that the Desktop development with C++ tile is checked, and in the Optional components section, also check C++/CLI Support.

The 2nd screen shot you have shared, go to individual components tab and select C++/CLI option (that's how it appears there).

I haven't not tested this for VS2017 but I did test it for VS2019 and that's what needs to be done. I am pretty sure it's the same for both visual studios.

Here is the screenshot for VS2019.

enter image description here

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