Deos anybody know how to prevent the browser from keeping the last selected option when the client reloads the page?

The problem is that when I reload the page, it keeps the last selected option, and when I select the url in the address bar and hit Enter it will be reset.

I want the second result whicth means that I want to get the browser always reset the select box.

Please the simplest and the safest way :)


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Just set the value in javascript. That way when the page is loaded its always initialized to the same value. Just using <option selected="selected"> won't work.

in javascript it would be something like this:

document.getElementById("selectBoxToBeReset").options[indexToBeSelected].selected = true;

and jquery helps even more:

$("#selectBoxToBeReset").selectOptions("value to be selected", true);

passing true as the second argument clears any previously selected value. Jquery select box tips.

The autocomplete="off" attribute works on select elements as well as on input elements:

<select autocomplete="off" >
     <option selected>2</option>

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