I am using asp.net core to build API. I have a request that allow user to upload profile image using this code

        public async Task<IActionResult> updateCompanyLogo(IFormFile imgfile,int company_id)
            string imageName;
            // upload file
            if (imgfile == null || imgfile.Length == 0)
                imageName = "default-logo.jpg";
                imageName = Guid.NewGuid() + imgfile.FileName;
                var path = _hostingEnvironment.WebRootPath + $@"\Imgs\{imageName}";
                if (imgfile.ContentType.ToLower().Contains("image"))
                    using (var fileStream = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Create))
                        await imgfile.CopyToAsync(fileStream);

but it keeps returning this exception: Form key or value length limit 2048 exceeded
The Request

I have tried this code but it doesn't work

    services.Configure<FormOptions>(options =>
        options.ValueLengthLimit = int.MaxValue; //not recommended value
        options.MultipartBodyLengthLimit = long.MaxValue; //not recommended value
  • It services.Configure<FormOptions> works in .NET Core 2.0 – yW0K5o Aug 19 '18 at 23:51
  • Didn't work for me either. – infocyde Jul 23 at 21:11

By default, ASP.NET Core enforces key/value length limit of 2048 inside FormReader as constant and applied in FormOptions as shown below:

public class FormReader : IDisposable
    public const int DefaultValueCountLimit = 1024;
    public const int DefaultKeyLengthLimit = 1024 * 2; // 2048
    public const int DefaultValueLengthLimit = 1024 * 1024 * 4; // 4194304
    // other stuff

public class FormOptions
    // other stuff
    public int ValueCountLimit { get; set; } = DefaultValueCountLimit;
    public int KeyLengthLimit { get; set; } = FormReader.DefaultKeyLengthLimit;
    public int ValueLengthLimit { get; set; } = DefaultValueLengthLimit;
    // other stuff

Hence, you may create a custom attribute to explicitly set key/value length limit on your own by using KeyValueLimit and ValueCountLimit property (also ValueLengthLimit etc.):

[AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Class | AttributeTargets.Method, AllowMultiple = false, Inherited = true)]
public class RequestSizeLimitAttribute : Attribute, IAuthorizationFilter, IOrderedFilter
    private readonly FormOptions _formOptions;

    public RequestSizeLimitAttribute(int valueCountLimit)
        _formOptions = new FormOptions()
            // tip: you can use different arguments to set each properties instead of single argument
            KeyLengthLimit = valueCountLimit,
            ValueCountLimit = valueCountLimit,
            ValueLengthLimit = valueCountLimit

            // uncomment this line below if you want to set multipart body limit too
            // MultipartBodyLengthLimit = valueCountLimit

    public int Order { get; set; }

    // taken from /a/38396065
    public void OnAuthorization(AuthorizationFilterContext context)
        var contextFeatures = context.HttpContext.Features;
        var formFeature = contextFeatures.Get<IFormFeature>();

        if (formFeature == null || formFeature.Form == null)
            // Setting length limit when the form request is not yet being read
            contextFeatures.Set<IFormFeature>(new FormFeature(context.HttpContext.Request, _formOptions));

Usage example in action method:

[RequestSizeLimit(valueCountLimit: 2147483648)] // e.g. 2 GB request limit
public async Task<IActionResult> updateCompanyLogo(IFormFile imgfile, int company_id)
    // contents removed for brevity

NB: If latest version of ASP.NET Core is being used, change property named ValueCountLimit to KeyCountLimit.

Update: The Order property must be included on attribute class because it is a member of implemented interface IOrderedFilter.

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  • thanks, but it shows these errors i.imgur.com/QB32oDY.png – Dot Freelancer Apr 11 '17 at 5:18
  • I added update for interface member IOrderedFilter, can you confirm which features name giving CS0103 error? – Tetsuya Yamamoto Apr 11 '17 at 8:01
  • It appears to just take a long, without any fieldname: - and neither of the fieldnames work for me. Which is just as well, because I still get the exception about it apparently limiting the file size to 2K when we try to upload? (Who came up with that crazy limit??) – Traderhut Games Dec 5 '18 at 23:15

For may case adding [DisableRequestSizeLimit] attribute solved error; this can be helpful when you are not sure about maximum count of request. This is formal documentation.

    [ProducesResponseType(typeof(IEnumerable<Entry>), (int)HttpStatusCode.Created)]
    public async Task<IActionResult> BulkCreateEntry([FromBody] IEnumerable<CreateStockEntryFromCommand> command)
        // do your work

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