Good evening to everyone! I'm using R to plot some locations where I have available data to process. Some locations are on the dry land, some else in the sea, and I would just plot these last ones on a map. So i thought first to plot all the locations as points, overlapping in a second moment the dry land through the "maps" package. Here's my code:

plot(mydata, pch=3, col='red', cex=1)
title("Investigated area and Sample Points")

Where "mydata" is a matrix containing the lon/lat coordinates of my locations.

Unfortunately, doing like that, the map is totally covering my points...whereas if i first plot the map and then the points (through the command "points") i get in the plot both the locations in the sea as well as in the dry land.

I also would like to know how to set the x and y axis label with the "maps" package if possible.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks a lot



After plotting the points, you should add the map with map(..., add=TRUE)

  • thank you so much ! – F. De Leo Apr 19 '17 at 16:27

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