I tried to enable multiple selection mode to ListView. However, it still seems to be in single selection mode when I test it and I'm not sure what went wrong. Help? Thank you. Here is my code:

ObservableList<String> alphabets
            = FXCollections.observableArrayList("Aa", "Bb", "Cc",
                    "Dd", "Ee");

ListView<String> AlphabetsLv = new ListView<String>(alphabets);
AlphabetsLv.setPrefSize(80, 80);

Press/hold down Shift or Ctrl while selecting.

Shift -> selects range, top selection to bottom selection.
Ctrl -> adds individual selected rows.

If you want multiple selection without using keys, you can use the cell factory from this post: Deselect an item on an javafx ListView on click

In your case:

    AlphabetsLv.setCellFactory(alv -> {
        ListCell<String> cell = new ListCell<>();
        cell.addEventFilter(MouseEvent.MOUSE_PRESSED, event -> {
            if (!cell.isEmpty()) {
                int index = cell.getIndex();
                if (AlphabetsLv.getSelectionModel().getSelectedIndices().contains(index)) {
                } else {
        return cell;
  • Thank you, that was very helpful! – KS o.o Apr 10 '17 at 14:03

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