I have a font with some ligature errors in it. This is causing problems in my Android application. I want to just remove the ligatures. How do I do that in FontForge?

This question is related but it is going the other way.

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In FontForge go to Element > Font Info > Lookups > GSUB. You should be able to select a ligature table there. Then you can click Delete to delete all the ligatures or Edit Data to choose which ligatures to delete.

enter image description here

After pressing Edit Data you can select specific ligatures. Click Delete to remove them.

enter image description here

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    +1, removed bad ligatures from a monospace font (Google's Noto Sans Mono) :) How to improve the answer? It could be confusing that to export the font you don't click File + Save but File + Generate Fonts instead, and I got some errors/warnings that I could just skip and get a working font with the ligatures stripped.
    – siikamiika
    Feb 2, 2018 at 22:56
  • Sadly this doesn't work on all fonts. Some are missing some meta files and then the lookup option is disabled for the font. :/
    – Panossa
    Feb 1 at 23:39

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