Hi am trying to call an API from Postman.
The framework used is : Laravel

The website has browser authentication (using .htacess)
And The API has user authentication (Laravel Passport) (user must be logged in)


I need to call an API and include both the headers, i.e.

  • I added Basic Auth with username/pwd as browser credentials

    Basic Auth : username/pwd

  • And in Headers I added

    Authorization : Bearer oauthtoken

(where oauthtoken is the key retreived from an API call https://servername/auth and Basic Auth : username/pwd)

Now when I send the API call,

The Authorization Header changes to :

Authorization : Basic some_key

And thus I get Unauthorized in response.
Is there some way I can send browser creds and user auth header together?


Your OAuth token retrieved after authentication is not the same as the token attached by Postman for Basic Authentication.

If you wish to use your OAuth token in request I recommend looking at Postman variables and store that token in there.

Here is an article that helped me build my Postman collection using JWT

But some of the script in there is out of date.

I would start by creating an environment (local) in which you add a key to store the token (oauth_token) with value empty.

In the auth endpoint while in Postman you can check the Tests tab in which you can place a script to update the oauth token:

pm.test("Logged in successfully", function () {
    var jsonData = pm.response.json();
    pm.environment.set('oauth_token', jsonData.token);

After this you can add Authorization Bearer with value {{oauth_token}} to an endpoint that is using OAuth token.

If you wish to learn more about Postman variables this is a great post variables

To recap:

  1. Send username and password to the auth endpoint
  2. Store oauth token in Postman variable returned from step 1
  3. Use your new token as Postman variable using {{VARIABLE_NAME}} notation
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I would advise to use Guzzle Library

        $http = new \GuzzleHttp\Client;
        $response = $http->request('POST', 'http://quotible.web3box.com/oauth/token', [
            'headers' => [
                //you headers here
                //your browser based parameters here
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