I run the following command:

git cherry-pick SHA --strategy-option theirs

and get a conflict like this waiting for manual resolution:

deleted by us: SOME_FILE

Is there a way to make git automatically resolve such conflicts by adding files deleted by us?

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    It's not automatic but you can simply git add those files back since Git leaves the "theirs" version in the work-tree. You can do this with a script that uses git ls-files --stage to find files that are present in stages 1 and 3 but absent in stage 2: since 1 = base, 2 = ours, 3 = theirs, such files are precisely those "deleted by us". – torek Apr 11 '17 at 0:50

deleted by us are the new files which you added in your commit (getting cherry picked). But these files are not present in the current branch (the one in which you are cherry-picking into).

So in this case you have to add these files manually by running:

git add <file-path>

However if you think, these files will no longer be needed in the current branch after cherry picking, in that case you can do:

git rm <file-path>
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If you are sure you want to add all "deleted by us" files, you could do:

git status | sed -n 's/deleted by us://p' | xargs git add

or, if you want to remove all "deleted by us" files:

git status | sed -n 's/deleted by us://p' | xargs git rm
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