I want to map a column value to nested object.

for example in my database table i have:

 varchar UserName,
 varchar Password,
 binary  Permitions

in my code i have:

User{string UserName, string Password, Permition Permitions: {...}}

I want to do something like

db.Query<User>("Select UserName, Password, Permisions PermitionsFromTable
from Users WHERE UserName=@User AND Password =@Password", new { user, 
}, user =>
 user.Permitions = new Permition();
 return user ;

it's possible?


There's an overload of Query that lets you specify more than one type to map to and a result type and you can tell it the column to split on, then you can combine the types. So, something like this should work for what you want.

db.Query<User, byte[], User>(
    new { user, password },
    splitOn: "PermisionsFromTable",
    (user, perm) =>
        user.Permitions = new Permition();
        return user;
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