While creating a ASP.NET MVC Core Web app using VS2017 / 2019, came across that 'Add Areas' option is missing from Context menu.


Area is not removed from VS 2017/19 but it is moved in Scaffolding and you can access the area using below steps:

1) Right click on your project and click on Add>New Scaffolded Item

2) After click choose the MVC area from the Menu:

enter image description here

3) After choosing give it Name, and after this the Area will be added to your project:

enter image description here

Hope it will helps.

  • The Registration file doesn't get added?! – niico Feb 24 at 13:19

I had a same problem and found that,Visual studio 2017 doesn't support Area

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    They have removed the 'Add Area' option from context menu, that's it. But they still support 'Area' feature. – Akshay Chawla Apr 17 '17 at 13:53
  • yes , but user should handles everything menualy , like registering an Area – motevalizadeh Apr 17 '17 at 14:01
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    yes everything has to be done manually, like creating creating folders of 'views', 'controller' etc etc which will be hectic task. – Akshay Chawla Apr 17 '17 at 14:12

I had missing Area on context menu. However, after building the project (2x) the Area was again visible on context menu.


In my "Visual Studio 2019" I found via right click on project Add -> New Scaffolded Item -> Common -> MVC -> Area is available.

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