I created a new rails app using Neo4j,then created a Model/Node Person. But when i run rake neo4j:migrate it gives the error for Duplicate Constraint.

I have previously created another Rails app on the same machine with same Model/Node as a Person and both these are conflicting.

Both the apps use different HTTP port, I want to know how i can Create standalone DBs in Neo4j or alter the storage Path, so that separate apps can have same Models.

Currently using same storage path for both apps i.e.
config.neo4j.storage_path = "#{config.root}/db/share_portal/neo4j-#{Rails.env}"


You need to run multuple instances of Neo4j, with different ports, so data do not overlap.

I used https://github.com/cohesivestack/ineo with http connection (I'm not sure if bolt is supported) Also nice way to run multiple neo4j servers is with https://github.com/neo4jrb/neo4j-rake_tasks

  • Ineo is active again. The last version (1.1.0), with support to bolt port, has been released today. github.com/cohesivestack/ineo Jan 15 '18 at 6:16

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