In my Application I use many Webservices. As the WSDL does not change, I have integrated the WSDL files in my project. If I use the WSDL2Java Tool from CXF, the WSDL locations absolute path is hardcoded.

Now my Question is, how to change the "wsdlocation" parameter in the @WebserviceClient Annotation to a relative path?

Here is a example:

@WebServiceClient(name = "Time", 
                  wsdlLocation = "file:/C:/Users/dominik/Documents/NetBeansProjects/Webservices/src/wsdl/Time.wsdl" ) /*I want this path to be relative */
public class Time extends Service {

I finally figured out how to do this correctly today. Just put the files is your resources folder and then you can use wsdlLocation to refer to them relatively like this:


See my answer to a similar question here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/9875701/1190144


Here is what one can do for generating an empty wsdl location

      <wsdlurl />

The client then can receive the wsdl location as an argument and become an portable client. That's why I was looking for use an relative path: achieve an portable client

  • Take care that with this method the policies present in the WSDL are not used. – Abbadon Oct 7 '15 at 7:08

The wsdl2java tool has a -wsdlLocation flag that can be used to specify the exact string that is placed in there.

  • I think I was not clear enough. I want to set the wsdlLocation to a relative path. – Dominik Obermaier Dec 7 '10 at 23:17

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