How can I get all children of a html tag with a certain name?

Let's assume I have a <div> which looks like this

<div id=test>
    <input name=test1/>
    <input name=test2/>

if I have the div element, how can I get any child with name test1 or test2? I tried


but that does not work?


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Or if you want to target a specific child of a specific element:

var test = document.querySelector('#test')
var test1 = test.querySelector('input[name="test1"]');

Option #1:

var x = document.getElementsByName("test1");

Option #2:

var x = document.querySelectorAll("input[name='test1']");

In both cases you'll get array as a response: x[0], x[1], ...


doesn't work because getElementsByName is a method of document object, you may only call document.getElementsByName('elementName').


Your initial code didn't work because the name attributes in your html were not encased in quotes. They should be:

<div id=test>
  <input name="test1" />
  <input name="test2" />

Be aware, that getElementsByName returns a live NodeList of matching elements which is an array-like object even if you expect and receive one result.

If you would like to receive only one element rather than an array containing one element I've provided a couple of alternatives below:

USING THE id ATTRIBUTE: If you know your name will be unique in the whole document, I'd advise using an id instead of the the name or class attributes. Doing so would allow this:


<div id=test>
  <input id="test1" name="test1"/> 
  <input id="test2" name="test2"/> 



USING document.querySelector :

If you still need to use the name attribute then you can use document.querySelector with the following selection parameter:

document.querySelector('div > input[name="test1"]')

document.querySelector returns the first element in the document that matches the selection parameter.

In the example above it says, return the first element that is an input with name attribute equal to "test1" that is a child of a div.

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    HTML does not require quotes around attribute values (it's a good practice, but it isn't required). He doesn't have a space between the attribute value and the ending slash, though, which is required in this case. You also seem to have missed the question; he's asking about trying to do div.getElementsByName, which doesn't work (it has to be document.getElementsByName). Mar 18, 2020 at 20:59

Use querySelectorAll with an attribute selector and a substring match if you want to get any tag with a value that contains a partial match.

var tags = document.querySelectorAll('*[name*="test"]');

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