I am trying to figure out how to split a string by a single character and use the javascript eval() and then rejoin the string.

So I have a string that looks like this 2*2d8/2d8, I split the string by the / like below

remDice.split("/").forEach(function (remDie) {

This gives me the two different parts, but I can't seem to figure out how to do the next part which is split by the character d and then eval() the two parts. So that my final string would look something like 4d8/2d8.

I am aware that you should avoid eval() but that really isn't a concern with this project.

  • What result are you expecting from this calculation? Within your callback for the .forEach() you could always do another .split() call. Is this limited to one level of this type of input?
    – Ken H.
    Apr 11, 2017 at 22:11

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Possible solution:

var str = '2*2d8/2d8',
    str2 = str.split('/').map(v => v.split('d').map(c => eval(c)).join('d')).join('/');

  • I still want to d character, I want the math operation to only happen to the left and right side of the d so that the 2*2 becomes 4. The final string should look like 4d8/2d8. Sorry I am not sure I worded that very well. Apr 11, 2017 at 22:12

Update of @Kind user's solution because I think original Q expected a bit different result.

var str = '2*2d8/2d8',
    str2 = str.split('/').map(v => {
        s = v.split('d')
        return eval(s[0]) + 'd' + eval(s[1])

  • This is what I was expecting. Wow that was amazing! Apr 11, 2017 at 22:15

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