RocketMQ consumers can subscribe topic with multiple tags like this

consumer.subscribe("topic", "taga||tagb");

How can producers send messages with both taga and tagb

I have try to send message with tags "taga||tagb", but the consumer does not receive any message. When I query message by the msg_id, the tags is [taga||tagb], not ["taga", "tagb"]

Topic:               handy_test
Tags:                [taga||tagb]
Keys:                [key_1491988576642]
Queue ID:            0
Queue Offset:        215
CommitLog Offset:    36094
Reconsume Times:     0
Born Timestamp:      2017-04-12 17:16:16,645
Store Timestamp:     2017-04-12 17:16:25,316
Born Host: 
Store Host:
System Flag:         0
Properties:          {TAGS=taga||tagb, KEYS=key_1491988576642}

Currently, sending with multiple tags is not supported.

While subscribe for multiple tags is ok.

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