I have a function which handles a click function for an element:

proot.find("li.ls-child-true").children('div').click(function (e) {

My problem is I would like to handle click function on a div child element.

The div looks like this:

<div><a>not clickable</a><a>clickable</a></div>

So, I would like to handle the second anchor click function only, I tried to use this code, but it's not working:

proot.find("li.ls-child-true").children('div').children('a')[1].click(function (e) {

Can anybody help to me? Thanks in advance!


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Use .eq()/:eq() instead of [1], Note [] will return reference to DOM element which don't have access to jQuery methods

proot.find("li.ls-child-true").children('div').children('a').eq(1).click(function (e) {

You can improve your selectors

proot.find("li.ls-child-true > div >a:eq(1)").click(function (e) {

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