My goal is to compare amplitude measurements from a sound level meter (in dB SPL) with simultaneously-recorded audio clips.

audio recording system diagram

I've been using audioop.rms() to summarize the wav audio clips.

I wrote a quick function to convert from the raw sample power to decibels full scale:

def valueDBFS(value, sampleWidth):

    # use the sample width to look up the appropriate maximum sample size
    lookupBitDepth = {3: 8388607 , 2: 32768}

    return 10*np.log10(abs(value)/lookupBitDepth[sampleWidth])

Unfortunately the resulting ratio of powers is proportional to the square of Sound Pressure Level, a ratio of amplitudes.

I could fix the problem by taking the square-root of dBFS, but the units would become totally arcane. I'd much rather use a well-known relative scale to produce a linear comparison between the instruments.


  1. Is there an alternative to using audioop.rms() such that I can summarize the pressure amplitude of a wav file?

  2. Or, alternatively, is there a way to modify my function such that it transforms rms power values into pressure and returns them on a well-known decibel scale?

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