I'm using "go test -v" to run bunch of unit tests. I'd like to debug them using delve. When I try to run debugger, I get an "Can not debug non-main package" error. So, how can I debug unit tests using delve debugger ?


Use dlv test:

$ dlv test -- -test.v
Type 'help' for list of commands.
(dlv) continue
=== RUN   TestReadFileError
--- PASS: TestReadFileError (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestReadFile
--- PASS: TestReadFile (0.00s)
Process 8014 has exited with status 0
(dlv) quit
Process 8014 has exited with status 0

You can also pass -test.run to select tests to run (just like go test -run).

Internally, this is the same as Flimzy's answer (it compiles the test binary with go test -c), but more streamlined and won't leave .test files for you to clean up.


I'm not familiar with delve, but if it can work on a compiled binary, just compile your tests using the -c flag:

        Compile the test binary to pkg.test but do not run it
        (where pkg is the last element of the package's import path).
        The file name can be changed with the -o flag.

Then run delve on the output.

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    I got this to work dlv exec ./pkg.test -- -gocheck.f TestLoadImage but Type 'help' for list of commands. (dlv) step Stopped at: 0x7fe7886b2090 => 1: no source available Command failed: no source for PC 0x7fe7886b2090 How do you indicate where the source code should be?
    – nicocesar
    Mar 24 '21 at 13:49

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