How can I access element reference from ngFor loop? I made some sample here.

In TypeScript

public onUpload(itemId: number):void {
   // how can I access element?
   this.listContainer.nativeElement.scrollTo(    ???     );


<ul #list_container style="overflow-y:scroll;">
  <li *ngFor="var item of items">
    {{item.id}} - {{item.name}}
  • what you trying to achieve ? please bit more explanation – Pardeep Jain Apr 13 '17 at 8:43

You can use them either by using

@ViewChild('list_container') list_container :ElementRef;

then you can use it as


If you want tp access nth child, you can use

@ViewChildren(ListItemDirective) list_container: QueryList<ListItemDirective>;

In this case you need to have a directive for the iterated children

@Directive({selector: 'list-item-directive'})
class ListItemDirective {

You need to modify your markup as

<li *ngFor="var item of items" list_container>

You can access the last child by using this.list_container.last

  • I need access to n-th child. this way is just access to list container though. :( – Jin-Kwon Lee Apr 13 '17 at 8:36

Use queryselector.

this.elementref.nativeElement.queryselector('ul li:nth-child(2)') 
    // do ur stuff here

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