This maddening thread describes the problem I'm having: a memory leak on shutdown due to some stuff allocated when avformat_new_stream is called.

Here's the valgrind stack trace from the leak:

  • 1,447 (1,440 direct, 7 indirect) bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 2 of 4
  • at 0x4C2FFC6: memalign (in /usr/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_memcheck-amd64-linux.so)
  • by 0x4C300D1: posix_memalign (in /usr/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_memcheck-amd64-linux.so)
  • by 0x690DEFF: av_malloc (mem.c:87)
  • by 0x690E09D: av_mallocz (mem.c:224)
  • by 0x533D28A: init_context_defaults (options.c:128)
  • by 0x533D325: avcodec_alloc_context3 (options.c:164)
  • by 0x663D09E: avformat_new_stream (utils.c:4384)
  • by 0x4204B6: main (test_ffmpeg.cpp:918)

So clearly the problem is that when a AVFormatContext's stream's codec context's priv_data field is somehow not being freed.

My code frees the AVFormatContext with avformat_free_context. This calls ff_free_stream, which calls free_stream, which frees a few of the stream's codec context fields itself - but not the priv_data field!

Compared and contrast with the corresponding code in avcodec_close.

The suggested solution to the problem from the thread: "close the codec firstly before calling av_format_free_context". Presumably this refers to calling avcodec_free_context? - but I'm already doing this! Roughly following the structure in the muxing example, I have an encoder context created by my code, that's used to track the uncompressed input data. Then there's another encoder context created internally by avformat_new_stream (as above), which is used internally by FFmpeg. I close the former, because it was opened using avcodec_open2, but I don't close the latter, because it wasn't. I am following the maddening thread's advice, and yet here I am.

Furthermore, reading between the lines, using avcodec_free_context to free the AVStream's codec context is no good anyway, because when doing this (a) AVStream's codec field is deprecated, so this gives a bunch of warnings, and (b) there are no NULL checks in free_stream, so this crashes at runtime.

What I have done for now is drag in the appropriate bit of code from avcodec_close, and put it in my own code just ahead of the call to avformat_free_context:

#ifdef __GNUC__
#pragma GCC diagnostic push
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wdeprecated-declarations"
    for(unsigned i=0;i<avf_context->nb_streams;++i) {
        AVStream *st=avf_context->streams[i];


#ifdef __GNUC__
#pragma GCC diagnostic pop

So that fixes the leak, and it's clearly (to my eyes) a bug, and I need to file a bug report or something.

However the corresponding bug report is marked as fixed and closed... along with a link back to the maddening thread, and no further explanation. (This is why it is maddening!) So maybe I'm just using FFmpeg wrongly?

Can anybody confirm whether this is actually a bug in FFmpeg or not?

If it isn't a bug, what's the right sequence of calls to make?

(I'm using FFmpeg built locally from commit 03eb0515c12637dbd20c2e3ca8503d7b47cf583a. I had similar-looking problems with the one you get from the Ubuntu 16 package manager, which prompted me to build it myself with symbols and so on.)


I think you are using libav API incorrectly. As part of API control mechanism each library has a version.h file (for example ./libavformat/version.h) that defines a set of macros controlling public API of that library.

typedef struct AVStream {
    int index;    /**< stream index in AVFormatContext */
     * Format-specific stream ID.
     * decoding: set by libavformat
     * encoding: set by the user, replaced by libavformat if left unset
    int id;
     * @deprecated use the codecpar struct instead
    AVCodecContext *codec;
    void *priv_data;

     * @deprecated this field is unused
    struct AVFrac pts;

When you encounter deprecation warnings you should look for corresponding API control macro and compile libav and your code that uses libav with this macro set to 0 (with -DFF_API_LAVF_AVCTX=0 in case of codec field for example) overriding version.h content and ensuring that this deprecated API is not used anymore.

  • Thanks! - I know what the deprecation warning is for, and can guess what the ramifications of ignoring it might be ;) But if I take out the code that produces the deprecation warning, I get a memory leak. How do I fix the memory leak without this ugly workaround that I've had to come up with? That is my question.
    – Tom Seddon
    Apr 14 '17 at 19:30
  • After you turn this deprecated API off there will be no st->codec field and no code that initializes it and your additional cleanup code av_opt_free(st->codec->priv_data); will be unnecessary. Actually it looks like you are getting this leak because you still have this deprecated stuff enabled. Typically devs don't really care about content of deprecated fields or correctness of deprecated methods. Suppressing deprecation warnings is wrong. Apr 14 '17 at 19:40
  • But it comes from the repo this way... so I guess this is a bug in FFmpeg then?
    – Tom Seddon
    Apr 14 '17 at 19:54
  • I would rather call this API deprecation expenses. Ideally it would be nice if old stuff got patched to work correctly, but who is going to update old stuff that shouldn't be used and that is going to be deleted soon anyway? Apr 14 '17 at 20:06

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