i Get this error when i select the build to add into group testflight. Please tell if any

enter image description here

But in my builds activity its showing on upload date... i am literally confuse about it please tell if any wrong in this... enter image description here


There's another way no need to submit a new build or modify Info.plist if you start Internal Testing ASAP without Uploading new build.

Note : If You will modify Info.plist, you'll never need to deal with this popup again.

You can simply go to the iOS tab at the top left of TestFlight and click the yellow triangle next to the warning to provide this information within iTunes Connect:

Below is the screen shot for the same :

enter image description here

Then click the "Provide Export Compliance Information" link in the popup & Select No And Start Internal Testing :

enter image description here

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    Ketan p @user1752054 already says that .. same solution its not an another method... anyway its useful to see these images.. Jun 23 '17 at 10:01
  • @HariNarayanan Thanks for Correcting me.. I see now.
    – Ketan P
    Jun 23 '17 at 14:42
  • Is there another way to access the Export Compliance Information view? When tapping the yellow icon, mine doesn't provide a link. It only reads "This build is missing export compliance information." Could this be because I only have developer access?
    – bluefox
    Dec 14 '18 at 19:37

Complementary answer for those using React native with expo. To avoid this issue, put in your App.json:

    "expo": {
      "ios": {
        "config": {
          "usesNonExemptEncryption": false


See this link in Expo


Select the iOS tab on the left toolbar >>> click on the missing compliance >>> update it >>> select "Start Internal test". This will change the status to "Ready for Internal Testing" and "Ready to Submit" for external testing.


Click on the warning icon on Compliance and update it.

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