I've got compiled a lib using emscripten, generating mylib.js.

Basically its interface is declared at the end of mylib.js:

var MyLib = function () {
  that = {};
  that.ptr = MyLib_constructor();
  that.destroy = function () {
  that.doSomething = function () {
  return that;

I'm integrating it in an HTML page like this:

  <script src="mylib.js"></script>
    var MyLibInstance = MyLib();

However in the console I've got the following warning:

Successfully compiled asm.js code (total compilation time 17ms; unable to cache asm.js in synchronous scripts; try loading asm.js via or createElement('script'))

1. Does this impact performance? How?

I then try to make the script call async:

<script src="mylib.js" async=true></script>

Then it's OK for the cache:

Successfully compiled asm.js code (loaded from cache in 48ms)

But then MyLib is not found anymore:

ReferenceError: MyLib is not defined [Learn More]

2. Is there an example on how to make this code async and have the interface visible to my script?

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    You have to wait for the script tag to finish loading (attach an event handler for the load event or onload property). Also take a look at emscripten's shell file command line parameter. – Jared Smith Apr 13 '17 at 17:43
  • Possible duplicate of trying to fire onload event on script tag – Jared Smith Apr 13 '17 at 17:47

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