Here is an example on my github profile - https://github.com/jack17529

I want to change this -

Silver Bullet in Issue KILLING.____ Master Mind to create Issues.______ My strongest language is Python not English.

I want to have newline instead of blanks.

like this -

Silver Bullet in Issue KILLING. Master Mind to create Issues. My strongest language is Python not English.

I have checked Bitbucket Bio is nowhere related to Github Bio.



Maybe they don't allow us to do it on normal way, But It is possible to do of course. We can use the auto newline rule for the words which are too long for appending to the current line, for our need. All we need to do is putting other Unicode Spaces instead of normal space. And normal space between lines, for using newline rule against forbidden newline rule :)

And if you want a free line, because of the character limitations, you can use the longer one;

" " instead of " "      (Try selecting spaces between quotes with your mouse)

like me, my profile: github.com/cosmicog. Also this trick makes me create unnecessary spaces in stackoverflow too, like above, in the yellow quote box :)

I've tried other answers, html ways, but no, they handle html tricks ofc. But I don't think that they may want to block unicode spaces, just for making users hate the designer :)


As told to me by github support there is no way !, see here -

According to Github Support


Refer: How to create newline in Github Bio

Just use   in HTML editor mode to new line is OK, This is my GitHub Bio


This question is a little stale, but I found it before I solved this myself, so I thought I'd drop my solution.

The bio doesn't appear to honor markdown, but neither does it accept HTML entities or elements. I worked around this with non-breaking characters to create long "words" similar to how you've used "_".

You can see in my bio that I needed a " " and a "‑" to format mine. The long word will pop to the next line. If you have a real short line, you can extend it with a lot of non-breaking spaces, but this probably isn't necessary. Since you cannot enter " " you need to use copy/paste or ALT codes (not looked up, but someone might add these for you). Those are the real characters above, so you can take them from this answer.

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    There is always a way :) If you're on mac you can use Option (Alt) + Space to insert non-breaking spaces – Tomáš Zemanovič Oct 10 '17 at 21:25

edit: July 2019 not working anymore

I assume you are using Google Chrome.

  1. Open and log in your Github account.
  2. Go to your Github personal profile page.
  3. On the upper right click 'customize and control Google Chrome' (An icon with three dots).
  4. Click 'More tools'->'Developer tool'.
  5. On the 'Developer tool' window, click 'Elements'.
  6. Search for 'class="d-inline-block mb-3 js-user-profile-bio-contents'.
  7. Under the space between 'div' '/div' is your bio.
  8. Click on the bio area and right click, select 'Edit as HTML'.
  9. Input first line in "", add 'br' for a new line, and the second line in "".
  10. Close the 'Developer tool'.

A picture speaks more than words.
enter image description here

It appears as: enter image description here

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