I need to update/replace the data in datatable.column. The table has a field named Content. I'm using the REPLACE function. Since the column datatype is NTEXT, SQL Server doesn't allow me to use the REPLACE function.

I can't change the datatype because this database is 3rd party software table. Changing the datatype will cause the application to fail.

UPDATE [CMS_DB_test].[dbo].[cms_HtmlText] 
SET Content = REPLACE(Content,'ABC','DEF') 
WHERE Content LIKE '%ABC%' 

I Receive this error:

Msg 8116, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Argument data type ntext is invalid for argument 1 of replace function.

  • Can I fix this with T-SQL? Does someone have an example how to read and to loop?
  • Since this is onetime conversion, maybe I can change to another type but I'm afraid I'm messing up the data.

There is a primary key field: name: ID - integer - it's an identity.... So I need to think about this too. Maybe set the Identity to N temporary.

Please advise on how to achieve the REPLACE function?

Approx. 3000 statements need to be updated with a new solution.

  • Is this SQL Server 2000?
    – p.campbell
    Dec 3, 2010 at 1:19
  • ANSWER: I'm using SQL2008... and the DATABASE has Compatibility level 2000 (80). If I change this too 2008 will it then work? since I do not know the consequences yet I left at compatibility level 2000, but it's SQL 2008 Database. this is one time conversion...
    – ethem
    Dec 3, 2010 at 1:26

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IF your data won't overflow 4000 characters AND you're on SQL Server 2000 or compatibility level of 8 or SQL Server 2000:

UPDATE [CMS_DB_test].[dbo].[cms_HtmlText] 
SET Content = CAST(REPLACE(CAST(Content as NVarchar(4000)),'ABC','DEF') AS NText)
WHERE Content LIKE '%ABC%' 

For SQL Server 2005+:

UPDATE [CMS_DB_test].[dbo].[cms_HtmlText] 
SET Content = CAST(REPLACE(CAST(Content as NVarchar(MAX)),'ABC','DEF') AS NText)
WHERE Content LIKE '%ABC%' 
  • 3
    Just a quick question, is the second cast to NText really necessary? I would think that assigning NVarchar(MAX) to NText would automatically cast it. Nov 15, 2012 at 11:48
  • 3
    Great simple fix. Just a note that the 2005+ nvarchar(max) doesn't have 4000 char limit. I know it's obvious (now, to me), but I first read it as if both answers had that limit.
    – goodeye
    Jan 17, 2019 at 22:55

Assuming SQL Server 2000, the following StackOverflow question should address your problem.

If using SQL Server 2005/2008, you can use the following code (taken from here):

select cast(replace(cast(myntext as nvarchar(max)),'find','replace') as ntext)
from myntexttable

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