I am currently using yarn as my package manager, but some people on my team may still use npm. I wrote a few scripts in package.json

"scripts": {
  "clear": "rm -Rf app/javascripts/* & rm index.html",
  "watch": "yarn clear | NODE_ENV=development webpack -w --env.dev",
  "build": "yarn clear && yarn dev && yarn start",
  "dev": "yarn clear | NODE_ENV=development webpack --env.dev",
  "prod": "yarn clear | NODE_ENV=production webpack --progress --env.prod"

If I want to call clear inside of other scripts, I have to either use npm clear or yarn clear. As the script is currently written, someone who doesn't have yarn installed will run into an error.

Is there a way for me to write this package.json so that it will work regardless if someone runs npm build or yarn build, and it will use the package manager of their choosing?

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You can use the variable npm_execpath, it will point to the package manager used to run the script.

For example, this will output the version of yarn or npm:

"scripts": {
  "version": "$npm_execpath -v",
$ npm run version
> 3.10.10
$ yarn run version
> 0.21.3

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