I'm using this technique to make release builds ask for keystore passwords, but lately the Android Studio editor for build.gradle complains:

Cannot resolve symbol 'groovy'

for the line:

import groovy.swing.SwingBuilder

It didn't used to complain. The command line build ./gradlew assembleRelease still works. It's only AS that can't import groovy.

This is with Android Studio 2.3.1, Gradle 3.3, Android Gradle plugin 2.3.1.

Is there some AS configuration to make it happy?

Amazingly enough, the import error doesn't keep AS from making debug builds, and build.gradle doesn't try to use Swing in a debug build.


Swing is an alternative Java library for creating UI, and this is in contravention to the Core Android APIs. As such, Swing is not supported on Android.

This page has the list of available Java packages (from Java 8, or whatever Version you put in your build.gradle...) https://developer.android.com/reference/packages.html

  • Thanks, Jesses, but you misunderstood the question: This code runs in gradle within Android Studio on the cross-development machine, not in Android. And it succeeds in using Swing (to request the keystore passwords for a release build) but the AS editor still displays an error. That error is wrong although merely annoying once you find out that the build will work. – Jerry101 May 29 at 16:54

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