I have fresh install of VSCode, and this tiny basic TypeScript app.

First time, when I want to build the app, VScode needs to generate tasks.json.

And it worked long time ago before.

Today I am getting this weird message

No build task defined. Mark a task with 'isBuildCommand' in the tasks.json file.

I don't remember seeing this message before.

enter image description here

But, OK, I click Configure Build Task, select TypeScript task, and tasks.json gets generated.

enter image description here

But, what happens, after I try to build now, Ctrl+Shift+B, and I get the exact same message again

enter image description here

Any ideas? Thanks.

BTW, adding this setting to tasks.json doesnt solve the problem.

enter image description here


This issue was also adressed here: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/24796

It says:

Closing and reopening the window (without starting Code) resolves this issue.

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    I tried closing and reopening the window, didnt work this morning, but checked again 2 hours later, now it works !! VSCode works in mysterious ways ;)) – monstro Apr 15 '17 at 15:37

Closing and reopening the window

Which window? Closing and reopening the tasks.json window didn't work for me (in VS Code 1.11.2).

Here's what did though:

  • Closing and re-opening Visual Studio Code
  • Ctrl-Shift-B (or your build shortcut)
  • Close the Visual Studio Code window (yes, the editor itself), and restart it. – guenam May 4 '17 at 10:25
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    Are you sure? I think he may have meant "Reload Window" Ctr+Shift+P and type Reload W... and you'll see it? – The Red Pea Jun 7 '17 at 2:34

In my case, my tasks.json had some nonsense in it. Instead of the "command" property, I wrongly named it "executable"...*

So consider if:

  1. Your JSON is valid syntactically (see screenshot below)
  2. Your JSON is valid according to what VS Code expects

Syntactically invalid: syntactically invalid JSON (for example with a property, followed by a colon, but no value... will cause this issue

Schematically invalid:even if JSON is syntactically valid, it may not meet the expectations for the schema of tasks.json

And while I think the other answers are probably correct (I can't reproduce so I can't verify; the issue has been fixed...), I think when the comment said ...

Closing and reopening the window (without starting Code)

... it may have meant the Reload Window command.

*I wrongly named the tasks.json property "executable", vs "command" because...

  1. I thought "command" was causing issues (it wasn't)
  2. I wanted to run a specific executable in a specific directory like "C:/somewhere/python.exe"; ("command" can do that).

I don't know why I thought "executable" was valid! I thought I was referencing some example, but can't find it... :) )


For me, it worked when I put the tasks.json file in a new .vscode folder next to the file I wanted to build.

  • My folder >
    • myFile
    • .vscode >
      • tasks.json
    • tasks.json (this file has no effect)

The funny thing is, My folder was already named .vscode in my case. I guess it has to be a sub-layer.

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