• I'm using UwAmp 3.1.0 for my php development but I had some troubles with it.

  • It worked perfectly at the beginning and the server still works
    perfectly now but whenever I made a change to a .js file or .php
    file it doesn't reflect that change when I update the page in the

I went to the chrome dev tools and opened the source section to see if the file is exactly what I wanted but it shows the original version which I've amended a while ago. The links to all files are correct and they are in a subdirectory in www folder.

It's so frustrating as I can't see the changes in action. I checked the syntax and everything is ok but it doesn't want to stop an animation in jquery after I it was fully shown to the user.

Can you help me with this situation as I have no idea what's causing the problem here?

It should update the file instantly when I click refresh in the browser but it doesn't and keeps loading the version of the files that I started to work with.

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Uwamp is AMP stack (Apache, MySql and PHP) and "out-of-the-box" it doesn't have anything with caching of files.

Apache is normally reading/getting files from Uwmap www folder "as is" so basically if your last change is saved into file in www folder (please check directly with tools like notepad) Apache will read it instantly.

This is related to your Browser Cache (Empty yours Browser/Chrome cache manually or install Chrome extension like [Clear Cache Extension]:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clear-cache/cppjkneekbjaeellbfkmgnhonkkjfpdn?hl=en) and try to clear cache but completely ("from begining of time" like Chrome said).

Also a workaround is to click that Empty Cache icon every save before refreshing the page beacuse it will clear it almost instantly (depending on how long time ago have you cleared your cache)

Also try to set OPCache in Php.ini (settings file) in Uwmap to Disabled (locate opcache settings in php.ini and put 0 to disable - you can access it from Uwamp GUI also).

  • If you want to refresh the page and empty the cache, just press ctrl + F5
    – J. Quick
    Jun 19, 2018 at 6:18

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