Hi just saw a problem related NFA to DFA

Problem: given a list of leaf nodes in a pyramid ,and a map which indicates what's the possible parent node given a left and right node. Return true if the one of leaf node could turn into the root node, Otherwise, return false.


     / \
    X   X
   /\  /\
   X  X  X
  / \/ \/ \
 A   B  C  D


        left: A |  B   |   C | D
A             B |A or C|   D | A
B             D |B or C|   A |
C                              B

Note:1. If left child is B, right child is A, the parent node could be B or C

  • Have you attempted to figure a solution to the problem at all? – synchronizer Apr 16 '17 at 1:04
  • Yes I have a brutal force solution, but some said there's a optimized way. – Newgod2500 Apr 16 '17 at 1:22
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def generate_status(all_status, matrix):
#  print all_status
if len(all_status) == 1:
    return all_status[0]

next_all_status = []
for i in xrange(len(all_status) - 1): 
    cur_status = set()
    for first_status in all_status: 
        for second_status in all_status[i+1]:
            cur_status |= set(list(matrix[first_status][second_status])) 

return generate_status(next_all_status, matrix)

def is_legal_status(expression, status, matrix):
    all_status = [set(s) for s in expression]

return status in generate_status(all_status, matrix)
  • Could you give an example of input data? – LeoShi May 23 '17 at 10:21

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