Edit: Looks like this has been resolved. Links are working again.


I am unable to download sbt using the links provided on the site- I keep getting a forbidden error:

The two links from the sbt download website aren't working- http://www.scala-sbt.org/download.html.

and the debian package isn't working either:


Are there any other ways to get the debian packages for SBT?



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The real solution is here https://www.gitmemory.com/issue/aws/aws-codebuild-docker-images/449/817884851

Just do the following in your script:

rm -f /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sbt.list

sudo apt-get update


These links were posted in the github issue for this: https://downloads.typesafe.com/sbt/0.13.15/sbt-0.13.15.tgz https://downloads.typesafe.com/sbt/0.13.15/sbt-0.13.15.zip

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