How do you exit from an invoke-command script block running on a remote server? I have tried next.

Here is my code:

$Res = Invoke-Command -Session $Ses -ArgumentList ($ROOTdir, $PARAMS.SYS, $PARAMS.main, $PARAMS.zip) -ScriptBlock {
    Param($ROOTdir, $SYS, $MAIN, $ZIP)
    $list | %{
        $completed = $false
        $retrycount = 1
        while (-not $completed) {
            try {
                $Copytime = (Measure-Command {
                    Copy-Item -Path $_.FullName -Destination ($SYS.KITCHENdir) -Force -ErrorVariable copyerror
                $completed = $true
            } catch {
                if ($retrycount -gt $MAIN.Retry ) {
                    break or exit #HOW STOP EXECUTING NEXT STEPS AND EXIT
                } else {
                    Start-Sleep $MAIN.DelayRetry
        #IF copy bad result need stop and exit
        #The final one can produce flavors here, but it does not look quite kosher
        #next steps

I suspect you want to use the Exit keyword.

"The exit keyword is used to exit from contexts; it will exit the (currently running) context where your code is running. This means that if you use this keyword in a script, and launch the script directly from your console, it will exit both the script and the console since they're both running in the same context. However, if you use the exit keyword in a function within the script, and call that function from the same script, it will just exit the script and not the entire console. The exit keyword is best used in functions, and when those functions are called in a script. It's a great way to terminate execution of functions."

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